Chien et Loup

The French expression ‘entre chien et loup’ (between dog and wolf) signifies the twilight time of gathering dusk, a movement through shifting atmospheres of light and colour in fading daylight and encroaching darkness, blurring the edges between ‘beings’, ‘things’ and ‘surroundings’.  This film is an experiment in imagining twilight’s ‘quasi-thingly’ atmosphere (Griffero 2017) caught between ephemerality and materiality.   The film observes the quiet presence of animals, fields, trees and skies I encounter around the edges of my village in the north of England during twilight hours as summer falls into autumn, darkness drawing in earlier each day.  Re-filmed projected images and re-recorded sounds both speak to the atmospheric thing-ness of twilight and de-materialise the object-ness of the observed world. 

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